Historical Maps On The WWW (CMP 01)

Day and time: Tuesday 12:50 - 13:50

Length of course: 1 term (6 sessions)

Number of places: 25

Start date: 9 October

Many historical maps are now accessible on the World Wide Web and the number increases all the time. The course consists of four sessions (9 - 30 October) on what is available and how it can be accessed. All that is needed is a basic familiarity with web-browsing. The intention is for course members to then go off for the next four weeks researching maps that interest them. The final two sessions will be a visit to the Map Room at the University Library (4 December) and a final classroom session (11 December) in which members can present the results of their research. There will be a class website.

Leader: PeterWoodsford, Tel: 01223 562983, Email: peter.woodsford@ntlworld.com

Venue: U3AC, Room 5

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Historical Maps on WWW